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Architectural Radiance FAQ


Why choose Architectural Radiance Metal Infused items?

Architectural Radiance is the only company to unlock the secret of marrying the beauty of natural wood with a splash of moden decor colors and infusing them with the radiance of real aluminum, brass, copper or rusted iron.  We also produce a traditional natural finish product in many standard colors that is of the highest quality.


What does "Color Trend Palette" mean?

The current Color Trend Palette Collections are products that are made with specific coatings and measurement specifications. These products can be ordered today from our website. In addition to the Color Trend Collections, Architectural Radiance can provide bespoke, custom-designed items for the designer / architect for one-of-a-kind design elements. From fabric applications to corporate identity to eye-catching art, the custom possibilities for the metal-infused finishes are almost unlimited.


Contact us at 574-780-6285 or by message to request a custom consultation


What can I expect from Architectural Radiance products?
You can expect beautiful, high quality items made in the USA to exacting standards, delivered on time and in full. 


Is Architectural Radiance made in the USA?
Yes. Our wood is sourced locally and our complete manufacturing process is in Cassopolis, Michigan.


Do you use reclaimed wood?
Although "reclaimed" sounds good, there are concernes as some reclaimed wood has been contaminated with chemicals such as pesticides, creosote and coatings that contain lead and other heavy metals.  We prefer to provide our clients with clean, sustainable, locally grown wood of the highest quality that is free from concern.



Do you sell directly to consumers?

Yes!  Our DIY home decorator items make it easy for any homeowner to get beautiful results using simple tools and our user-friendly application guide and videos.  Anyone can order items from our current color trend palette directly from the website.

Do you work with distributors?

Yes!  We’re happy to work with stocking distributors who can support the brand, and properly serve their client base.


Do you offer a trade program for designers and installers?

Our pricing programs provide incentives for larger volume purchases and repeat orders. 

What are lead times like?
Color trend palette items are shipped within 10 working days.  Turnaround time on custom made items is determined on a case-by-case basis, but we strive for industry fast turnaround. We love a challenge!


Is there an order minimum?
Planks in the color trend palette come in boxes of 35 sq. ft.  These items must be ordered in 35 sq ft boxes.

Shiplap or Tongue & Groove in the color trend pallette are offered in lots of 20 sq ft with a minimum order of 100 sq ft (5 lots = 100 sq ft ).


Is it possible to order a sample?
Yes!  You'll pay shipping for your samples.  After receiving your samples, choose the product and finish you want, then place your order.  Your sample shipping cost will be credited toward your order, making your samples free!  You can create your own sample pack with different finishes or duplicates of the same finish.  Browse samples here.


How do I calculate the number of square feet needed for my project?

Each wall product is packaged in 35 Sq.Ft. boxes.  Here's how to figure out how many boxes you need.

The math is pretty simple for most rooms and walls.


1.  Measure the area to be covered in inches
2.  Multiply Width x Height
3.  Divide by 144 to convert to square feet
4.  Add 10% for expected waste
5.  Divide total by 35 and round to next whole number to determine number of boxes to order




1.  Wall 145 inches long x 96 inches high
2.  145 in. x 96 in. = 13,920
3.  Divide 13,920 ÷ 144 = 96.67 Square Feet
4.  Multiply by 1.10 and round up to the nearest whole number = 107 Square Feet
5.  Divid 107 Sq. Ft. ÷ 35 and round up to nearest whole number = 4 boxes

Order 4 boxes (35 square feet each)


How much waste should I allow for when ordering?
10% for a standard rectanular shape.  15%-20% for triangular shapes.


Can I mix and match Color Trend Palette finishes in my box?
Although we don't mix colors in each box, for a standard-sized project you can often achieve the same result by purchasing boxes of different colors and mixing them yourself.


Do you offer custom finishes for larger orders?
We’re wood and coatings specialists and we’d be happy to work with you on a custom or bespoke project.  Contact us  at 574-780-6285 or by message to request a custom consultation.


What methods of payment do you accept?
Credit card or PayPal for color trend palette items.  Installers and Contractors can establish an ongoing account to track purchases. We do not extend in-house credit. Please contact us for details.


What are your payment terms?
For color trend palette items, full payment is required at time of order.  For custom work, 50% payment is required with the order, and 50% prior to shipment.



How much does it cost to ship?
Shipping is free of charge within the Contenental US, when shipped by common carrier. We are open to explore shipping options, if you desire, at additional expense. Please contact us if our standard shipping methods are not acceptable.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Contact us for shipping cost to your location.
What should I do if my material arrives damaged?
Take a photo of the damaged area and contact the shipping carrier immediately. We are not responsible for damaged goods that take place during shipping.
I will not be on-site for the delivery. Can I name a different receiver?
Yes. Give us the details when you place your order.
Will the delivery driver or dispatch call me to let me know when they will arrive?
Yes, this can be available upon request.
How do I unload my material on site? Do I need a forklift?
For DIY shipments, all packaging can be handled by hand. For some contractor shipments additional handling equipment may be required. Please contact us for information as it pertains to your particular shipment to make sure there are no receiving issues.
What is the return policy?
How are your online store purchases shipped?
Via common carrier.


Do you provide installation guides?
Yes.  Please see our plank installation guide,
Are there any videos to help with installation instructions?
As they become available, we will be posting installation videos on our website. Please refer to the written installation instructions on our website if you have any questions or concerns. We are also available by email or phone if further clarification is needed.
How are easy-install planks installed?
Easy Install planks can be applied in a variety of ways including brad nails, 3M VHB tape, contractor adhesive caulk glue, or electric or air driven pin nailer. Please see our installation guide for ideas that best fit your application. If installation is not for you we suggest you locally source a handyman to do the work. Note: The shiplap and tongue & groove items are finished on contractor grade, common building materials and are intended and recommended for professional installation only.
Do the planks vary in length or do I need to cut them myself?
All of our products come in standard lengths (see product description on website) and can also be cut to size. It is also suggested any imperfections that are offensive to you can also be cut out to satisfy the look that you are trying to achieve just as you would with any traditional wood wall component.
Do planks have to be installed tight or can they be adjusted for a gap?
We recommend allowing 1/16 inch between planks to allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the wood.  To install with a gap, just use a spacer when applying the material to the wall.
What is the surface prep?
Please make sure your surface is clean of any dust or debris prior to installing. We also recommend installing in a dry environment. If using adhesive, allow the proper time to set and achieve full permanence.
Do I need to paint the wall before applying?
The rustic nature of our wall planks can result in small gaps where the back wall may be visible.  We recommend painting your surface a darker complimentary color prior to application.  If  you decide to paint the wall, use a non-glossy paint and allow to cure for at least 15 days before installing by peel & stick application. If you are installing the shiplap or tongue & groove, you can apply using construction adhesive or finishing nails, as soon as the paint has fully dried (at least 24 hours).
Can I hang mirrors and artwork on the planks?
The planks are not load bearing. Wall decor like mirrors, pictures, shelfs, etc., can be mounted by drilling through the planks to the wall and ensuring that the underlying wall provides sufficient support (wall studs). Use proper hardware to install any wall decor.
How do I store the planks before installing?
Store the planks in a cool, dry environment and away from direct sunlight.
Can easy install planks be installed on ceramic tile?
Yes. We recommend doing a test area with the appropriate adhesive or VHB double sided tape.
Can easy install planks be installed over wallpaper?
Yes, provided that the wallpaper is clean and firmly bonded to the wall before applying the planks. Installation with adhesive or tape over embossed or textured wallpaper is not recommended. Use an alternative installation method or remove this type of covering thoroughly before installing planks.
Can easy install planks be used as flooring?
No. Easy install planks are not designed to be used as flooring.
What kind of textured walls will the panels adhere to?
It is recommended that all walls be tested with a sample prior to full installation. Heavily textured walls will require a skim coat application or sanding and scraping prior to installing planks.
Can easy install planks be installed directly over drywall?
Yes. First ensure that the drywall is flat, dry, clean, and structurally sound before installing planks.
Can easy install planks be installed directly to the studs and skip the drywall step?
Our commercial tongue & groove items can be installed directly to studs. The surface behind the planks will not be visible. However certain municipalities still require drywall in order to meet local building codes.
Can planks be installed in elevators?
Yes, planks can be installed inside an elevator if the surface is flat, clean and structurally sound. Proper code must be followed in order to pass inspection
Can you put this product on a door?
Can I apply planks to a ceiling?
Yes. Use 18 gauge finish nails every 16" on both sides of the plank to further secure the planks to ceilings.
Can I use planks in a commercial/retail space?
Yes. The same guidelines apply as for residential work with respect to moisture, humidity and temperature. We also recommend checking local building code for these type applications.
Can planks be installed both vertically and horizontally?
Can I apply it to a fireplace or near heat?
Follow local code.
Do I need to seal it if I use it as a backsplash? What kind of sealant can I use?
Yes. However, we don't recommend it be used as a backsplash if standing water will be present. If you are concerned with exposure to water, many customers have applied a polyurethane coat to seal the wood. It is important to be sure that your wall does not currently exceed 9% moisture content before installing. If possible, let your walls dry out for several days before installing and after installing.  Be sure that you allow the material to acclimate for at least 7 days prior to installation in the place you will be installing it.
Will the planks hold up in high humidity locations without warping or changing?
Planks are a real wood, natural item. In environments that cause a rapid loss of moisture, shrinkage can occur. We recommend allowing the material to acclimate for at least 7 days prior to installation in the place you will be installing it.
Can it be used in an arid climate?
Planks are a real wood, natural item. In environments that cause a rapid loss of moisture, shrinkage can occur. We recommend allowing the material to acclimate for at least 7 days prior to installation in the place you will be installing it.
Can I use easy install planks outside?
Planks are designed for interior use only and should not be installed outside. For outside applications contact us for options.
How long will peel-and-stick application stick?
Provided that the product was installed according to instructions and the surface was properly prepared, the adhesive should last at least ten years, in most cases well beyond that.


What routine maintenance is required?
Our easy install planks are a low to no maintenance product. As with all wood products, there will be a slight color change over time especially if exposed to direct sunlight.
How should I clean this product?
Dust with a soft cloth or vacuum using a soft brush attachment. Some liquid cleaning products will stain some of the wall finishes. We advise cleaning an area in an inconspicuous space before using it over the whole area.
Are easy install planks removable?
When removing planks from the wall, damage can occur to the wall underneath depending on the installation method used. Please take this into consideration when deciding which installation method to use prior to installation.


Do you offer a warranty?


What is the maximum heat the adhesive will withstand?
The adhesive on the peel & stick tape has been tested up to 140 degrees F.
What is the length of the easy install wall planks?
All planks are 48 inches long.
Is this real wood?
Yes. The easy install planks are oak or pine. The shiplap and tongue & groove is 100% pine.
Is matching trim available?
Yes. Matching trim is available for all our products. Please contact us to discuss trim options.
Is a touch-up kit available?
Architectural Radiance products are a unique blend of wood, coatings, and metals. An invisible repair that matches that effect is very difficult, if not impossible. The best solution is to order slightly more material than you need and retain planks to use as replacements.
Is the wood kiln dried?
Yes due to the quality and uniqueness of our finishes it is very important to have a dried finish ready wood substrate.


Where does your wood come from?
Our wood is sourced in the US within a 300 mile radius of our plant for our wood wall and ceiling items.
How is your facility eco-conscious?
Most of our process is automated for efficient use of materials and energy. We also have plant-wide implementation controlling our waste through recycling and reclaiming in all areas possible.
How do we know old wood is safe, free of lead, DDT, creosote?
Architectural Radiance uses only new wood, free of lead, DDT, creosote, insecticides and pesticides. Many of our competitors used recycled product which can be unsafe and dangerous if not processed correctly. We also feel we offer better quality control and a more stable/sustainable look for our product using fresh sourced wood.
Why is wood eco-friendly?
The majority of our product line uses fast-growing soft pine. Don’t take our word for it, research it! It’s a great fast growing, abundant resource that is easy to use and can be recycled in the future.
Can I recycle these planks?
Yes, absolutely. If you use the correct application method, the easy install wood planks can be recycled.
Are your products free from chemical and insect contamination?
AR uses only new wood, free from lead, DDT, creosote, insecticides and pesticides.


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