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You want wood fixtures and furnishings that will be beautiful for generations to come.  Every Architectural Radiance wood item is hand-crafted every step of the way.  From selecting the best clean wood, to precision cutting, sturdy assembly, distressing, and staining, it's all done by hand.  For example, we only build double panel barn doors, which is the sturdiest design, that are created to last without cracking or warping.




Made in the USA

There's no better time than now to support US businesses.  We build everything we make in Michigan.  Our mission is to provide barn doors, wood wall and ceiling items, and hardware of the highest quality.  Every component or our products are purchased from US manufacturers with 100% Made in USA content and workmanship.




Veteran Led

From boots to business! 

We’re proud that our upper management team members served in the US armed forces. Their training and discipline helps us work as a unit, take pride in our craft, and bring superior attention to detail to that serves every product we make.





Your purchase creates trees! 

Wood is a precious resource.  Without it we can't craft a beautiful wood item for you.  But we must ensure that wood is here for our children and grandchildren.  When you order an Architectural Radiance barn door we plant 20 trees in Michigan.  When you order a box of wall or ceiling planks, we plant 10 trees.  Watch for more detailed information to come.




Clean, Healthier Wood - Not Recycled

Recycled sounds like a good thing but it's not that simple.  Old wood can contain residue of lead-based coatings, pesticides, and preservatives that have been shown to be dangerous to health.  We're committed to working with clean, new wood that poses no risk to our customers or our employees.


Our Quality

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